I strive to truly bring justice to the law profession, and I possess the determination to be a true counselor to my clients by putting them at ease and giving them a voice to exercise their rights.

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Brittany V. Carter, Attorney At Law, L.L.C. focuses primarily on family law services, which encompass a wide variety of domestic legal issues.

Family Law
Whether your family dispute is divorce-related, involves the dissolution of a domestic partnership, involves child custody, or another issue, Brittany V. Carter will counsel you on your legal options and determine the process that will best fit your budget.

As a divorce attorney, Brittany V. Carter is aware of the level of emotional turmoil during divorce proceedings. She will counsel you and offer guidance through your difficult time, while making sure your interests are well protected. This is especially a concern if there are children involved. 

Child custody issues are always difficult, but Brittany V. Carter, Attorney At Law, L.L.C. is well equipped and will put your child's interests above all else. Brittany understands a custody battle is always hardest on the children involved, and she will ensure that they are handled with the utmost sensitivity. 

Brittany V. Carter is respected as an attorney that helps secure her clients the child or spousal support that they deserve. Brittany knows that when raising children, or living on a low income in the current economic climate, you need that financial support in order to live your life in a healthy and safe environment. She will make sure every legal avenue is explored in order to get you the financial support you deserve.

Community Property
Deciding what is community property and what is separate property during a divorce is often a complicated issue, but Brittany V. Carter, Attorney At Law, L.L.C. knows how to identify and divide property fairly. In most cases, assets acquired by either spouse during a marriage will be split evenly. Property owned prior to marriage usually reverts back to the original owner. Occasionally, disputes arise over the true owner of certain property, but Brittany V. Carter is well equipped to handle even the most complex community property issues.

Wills & Trusts
Creating wills and trusts can be one of the most responsible things you can do for your future, but you need someone who will understand the legal intricacies of the process and who will make your wishes known. Let Brittany V. Carter make sure your living will, or last will and testament, is drawn up to your satisfaction. If you need to open a trust fund for any reason, Brittany will help choose the best course of action when it comes to securing your family’s future.

Brittany V. Carter, Attorney At Law, L.L.C. knows you work hard for your money, and during these tough economic times, every cent counts. Let Brittany handle all your unpaid debts. She will seek out alternative methods of collections whenever possible, always striving to save her client as much money along the way as possible. 

Notary Public
Sometimes, when you are engaging in a business transaction or filling out an official form, an impartial witness is required to sign the documents, affirming that the process was entirely legal. As a Louisiana state authorized notary public, Brittany V. Carter will verify your I.D., witness you sign any government, business or bank document you may have, and then notarize the document by signing and stamping it with her official seal.

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